William Liu

With 20 years in the real estate business, William was born and raised in New York. Getting his license at the age of eighteen, under the guidance of his mother, Carolyn Liu who was a top producer and the number one agent in her office for many years.  William has real estate in his blood as his family has owned, managed, and sold various properties. 

William would classify himself as outgoing and has even successfully pitched someone that was watering their lawn. He encourages creative thinking and has an open mind when it comes to marketing and sales, he has used various techniques such as marketing his ad on a bench by a supermarket and creating a Facebook webpage for clients. 

real estate business

William believes that selling houses is an ongoing learning experience and is enrolled in Tom Ferry’s real estate course as well as Billy Gene’s marketing course. William also believes that honest is the best policy and is very blunt when it comes to delivering real estate news to his clients and customers.

What really drives him is getting the highest price for his sellers and being a trend setter. He likes to push prices in a competitive market to numbers which no one in the area has gotten, often even being laughed at by his colleagues and neighbors living in that area, saying “ No one has sold for that amount in this neighborhood .” To which he replies “write down your address and when I get my price I will come come sell your house next,” Months later after William gets the highest price for that area, other houses will use his house as a comp in order to get the price they want for their house.

He is also a firm believer in rolling with the times and if you don’t continually educate yourself you will be left in the dust like a dinosaur.

Being of Taiwanese decent he speaks a little Taiwanese fluent in English and Mandarin. In his spare time William enjoys, Traveling, Stand up Comedy, learning and experiencing other cultures and their food. Wililam is very serious about his work, but when work is done is very laid back. 




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